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The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals is a professional peer group organization for club fitters and club builders whose purpose is two-fold:  1)  To further the education of professional golf club fitters and club makers in the science and art of custom club fitting and custom club making, and 2) To promote the benefits of custom golf club fitting and custom golf clubs to the general public.

Since its inception in 2006, the AGCP has grown every year and continues to do so.  Focusing on the advancement and education of professional golf club fitting and custom golf club building while promoting the certification of golf fitting professionals, the AGCP strives to set the bar for cutting edge technology for club fitters and club builders.  The AGCP has become the number one source for education and is the leading golf clubmakers association in helping to educate all professional club fitters and creating successful business models for its members.

Found and directed by Roy Nix, a golf professional for over forty years and one of the ten active AGCP Masters of Golf Club Technology, the AGCP holds the only worldwide convention and education conference for professional club fitters and professional club makers in the world each year.  The Annual Roundtable Convention and Educational Seminar is a week long event that has become a focal point for the education of certified golf club fitters, club builders, and businessmen around the world.  Partnering with the top professionals in the industry of golf club fitting and teaching, the AGCP Master of Golf Club Technology, other highly qualified and certified AGCP instructors, and golf professionals, in addition to the engineers, scientists and professional staff members of our sponsors who all offer their skills and knowledge in seminars and classes each year.  Club fitters learn from the best industry professionals around the world.

With each year that passes, the AGCP grows, and the amazing professional golf club fitters within the organization, as well as our sponsors, are the reason why.

This website will help you along in your journey with the Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals.  You will be able to learn about AGCP Benefits, Sponsors, Products, and the annual Roundtable Convention in Columbus, GA.  Look no further.  You have found your clubfitting home and the best path to becoming a successful and profitable certified golf club fitter!

RT6 Demo Day

The AGCP convention kicks off with a Demo Day for sponsors and members to test products.

RT6 Class Presentation

There are 3 days of Classroom presentations during AGCP RT conventions

RT6 Mike McFadden Teaching

Members get some one on one time with Master PGA Professional Mike McFadden after his classroom presentation

RT6 Sponsor Booths

Members getting one on one time with sponsors to find new products during a break in classes

RT6 Mezzanine View

Mezzanine view of the exhibit floor during a break

AGCP Members - For everything an AGCP member needs, with links to Members Only benefits, AGCP Locator profiles, and much, much more for an AGCP Member

AGCP Benefits - Member exclusives such as Members Only Email, AGCP Sponsor discounts, discounted DVD's, discounted registrations and more.  The benefits from the AGCP are unparalleled in any other club fitter organization.  The sponsor discounts alone often pay for the first year of membership to the AGCP.

AGCP Community - The AGCP Forums is one of many communication hubs that the AGCP brings to club fitters, club makers, and the general public.  Golfers can also find their local AGCP Club Fitter nearby with our locator.

AGCP Convention - The Annual AGCP Roundtable Convention is held each year in historic Columbus, GA.  With AGCP Masters of Golf Club Technology, professional golf teachers, AGCP members, and leading golf industry professionals all teaching at the RT, this event has become the pinnacle for the education of club fitting, club making, and the business of.

AGCP Sponsors - The AGCP Sponsors range from Alpha to Wishon, and many, many more.  Support those who support the AGCP.  With some of the top shaft, head, and grip designers in the industry, along with accessory dealers, these sponsors have supported us for years and continue to do so. 

AGCP Products - From DVDs to annual AGCP Memberships, along with access to club fitting and club making accessories and tools, you can learn more about what the AGCP has to offer you as a club fitter.

If you have any questions about the AGCP or need assistance in finding an AGCP Club Fitter nearest to you, you can call Mick Howe at 706-507-0095 or e-mail him at

We look forward to hearing from you!

Who is eligible to join the AGCP
Our membership is exclusive. It is "independent clubmaker/clubfitters only and their employees." The AGCP is not intended for vendors, suppliers, sales reps, editors from trade publications, and industry consultants; if you're not an independent clubmaker or clubfitter, or the employee of an independent clubmaker or clubfitter, or a retired independent clubmaker or clubfitter, we respectfully ask that you do not attempt to join the AGCP. We reserve the right to refuse membership to, or remove from membership anyone we deem inappropriate for any reason.

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